Cause & Effect

How can I as an artist intervene in the public sphere? How can I add my voice to an issue that matters to me? I have discovered that taking art to the streets or to social media platforms allows me to reach a broad audience and not one pre-selected, so to speak, by the art establishment. In this project I have used the form and the economical production of the zine to produce a multi-issue pocket-sized publication that makes public the taboo topic of ‘loneliness.’ I have consciously decided that this zine, called Cause & Effect, would be most effective as an intervention. The intervention entails leaving a copy of the zine in public spaces, such as a café table, a community street bookcase (several of these can be found in East Vancouver), restaurant bathrooms, etc.

In this project I also explore conversation as a method to create content while also being aware that the conversation itself can be considered a form of intervention—that is it allows people I speak to, to talk about and explore a topic that is not commonly openly discussed, even amongst friends, family, and partners. The content of the zine consists of a part of a conversation. It is as if the reader is dropping in, in the middle of an exchange.

I purposely made the zine as anonymous as possible so that the reader may identify himself/herself with the feelings expressed within the cream-colored pages. This is important as I distribute the zine locally and name recognition could interfere with the content. There is no name, sex, gender, race, class, and occupation identification other than what can be determined from the anonymous conversation.

Cause & Effect Issues:

Issue 1, hello?
August 2015
16 pages, 2 ¾” x 4 ¼”
Printed on demand (allow 1 week for your order to be printed and up to 7 business days for shipping)

Issue 2 to be released in September 2015