True Connect

True Connect was a free community service held on two occasions at two public venues; it’s purpose was to invite passers-by to write a note or letter to someone in their life and to have chats about social isolation/connection or whatever else people wanted to talk aobut.

I had my typewriter, note paper and envelopes, and some art supplies. People dictated a letter to me, I typed it, and mailed it for them on the same day.

Dates & Locations:
Monday, September 28, 10am – 12pm

Cafe du Soleil, 1393 Commercial Drive (between Kitchener & Charles), Vancouver
Thursday, October 1st, 12pm – 2pm
Grandview Park, on Commercial Drive (between Charles & William Street), Vancouver

I wrote and mailed a total of five letters, two of which were love letters. I will be re-performing this project in the summer of 2016.