minimum wage / child poverty — why this phrase?

cross-stitched message banner on fabric by Laura Bucci
cross-stitched message banner on fabric by Laura Bucci

My minimum wage project has evolved to creating small message banners. I am currently creating a small grouping to install together in one spot on Commercial Drive (in August), in my neighbourhood in Vancouver. I think as a grouping the banners will create a bigger impact. The plan is to leave them up for a week and document what happens in the meantime.

minimum wage /  child poverty: with this phrase I attempt to help the viewer make the connection to what is one of the causes of child poverty. Parents earning minimum wage cannot make ends meet and results in hungry and poor children. As a recent article (April 2014) on the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives website stated:

B.C. has the highest child-poverty rate in Canada and has ranked worst in Canada for nine out of the last 10 years . . . Child poverty in B.C. is very much a low-wage story.

Read the full article here.

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