Directions for the Mind: Denise

Another update on Directions for the Mind, a collaboration between artist Laura Bucci and other artists, acquaintances, and strangers.

This past Saturday, September 23, artist Denise Holland joined me at Parking Spot Projects to add the last touches to this serial collaboration.

First, we sat in the space and caught up on life. In the background, my neighbour’s soothing jazz music was playing (Martin Walton). Denise was in a funky mood, but unwinding yarn balls via a rolling motion and moving gingerly about this happy space proved to be soothing.

And finally, we drew on the floor with yarn—this was something I wanted to do in the space for a while but it only made sense to do at the end of the exhibition as it greatly diminished the ability to walk around the space. We also made some straight lines which hovered just above the floor. Moving about started to become a challenge. No fast moves here. Several passersby came up to the window and looked in, smiles forming and wonder appearing on their faces.

Maybe they wished they could enter the space.

But the space was both private and public. Anytime I had guests collaborating, I never put a sandwich board outside or had the door open. Inviting entry would have interfered with our focus and the creation of a private and safe space—this is especially important as the neighbourhood is very troubled and poor.

One of the benefits of the gallery that I came to appreciate was indeed this inside/outside, private/public feature of the space. This allowed me to successfully use the space as both a studio and exhibition space.

This project has given me a taste of collaboration—I have ideas brewing for more in the future.

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