Directions for the Mind Collaboration: Lorna & Jill

Another update on Directions for the Mind, a collaboration between artist Laura Bucci and other artists, acquaintances, and strangers. On September 11, Lorna Boschman (artist, researcher, teacher) and Jill Mandrake (writer, musician, and more) joined Laura Bucci to add on to/take away from/re-place onto/from previous collaborations thus far.

Given a chance to play, different parts of a person’s personality can emerge. Lorna, whom I’ve known since 2006, surprised me with her desire to destroy some hanging yarn that bothered her. Who knew! While I have organized these encounters, I did not impose rules or opinions on the collaboration thus far.

But performing this ‘collaboration’ experiment has been a generative experience which is leading to ideas on future ways of collaborating.

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September 5 – 23 | Parking Spot Projects, 8 East Cordova, Vancouver
There are no gallery hours but Installations can easily be seen through the large windows.

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The fan, much needed for this small space and seen in the video, provided an opportunity to play with movement.