Directions for the Mind Collaboration: Beth

Another update on Directions for the Mind, a collaboration between artist Laura Bucci and other artists, acquaintances, and strangers.

On Monday, September 18 I was joined by Beth Cunningham, an artist originally from the Northeast of the USA but now established in the Hill Country of Texas. I had just met Beth on the weekened where we were both participants in a workshop led by Tilleke Schwarz at MAIWA School of Textiles. There were 14 of us in the workshop and I wasn’t sitting next to Beth but we did have a chance to chat a little bit and during show and tell we got to share our previous/current work. Sometimes you feel your attention repeatedly drawn to a certain person, when this happens, I think you have to respond. And I did by inviting Beth to join me at the galley and participate before returning to Texas. Luckily Beth had one more day in Vancouver and she said Yes, I accept!

So this was the first time it was just me and one another person collaborating. This time, I decided to guide the collaboration by asking Beth to look around the space and answer the question ‘what does the space need?’ Beth shared a short story about an encounter she had at a coffee shop with a young man. Essentially, they had a conversation about ‘hope.’ Hoping for things to get better, feel better. At the workshop, we had focused a fair amount of time on stitching techniques for text. This resulted in the decision to add text to the installation. Beth created the word ‘hope’ and ‘look,’ and following her lead, I created ‘engage.’ So besides the ‘xox’ already present on the wall, these were the first words to appear on the walls.

We had a wonderful time together and I felt elated later as I sat a cafe processing the experience. I was so glad for my spontaneous invitation. I hope to see Beth again in the future.

This experience brought to mind these words I recorded in my journal and that I heard or read somewhere, but can’t remember where:

You are responsible for your own happiness.

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September 5 – 23 | Parking Spot Projects, 8 East Cordova, Vancouver
There are no gallery hours but Installations can easily be seen through the large windows.

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In the video below, I have muted the audio to keep our conversation private.