Issue 4 is going out in public spaces

Issue 4 - It's real. It's honest.
Issue 4 – It’s real. It’s honest.

Hello! I have finally put together Issue 4 of Cause & Effect which consists of an interview I conducted in November 2015. This issue is titled, “It’s real. It’s honest.”

As the project has evolved, some things have become clear to me about how to do this. I have decided that these little pocket-sized zines will only be distributed free and will, as before, be placed in undisclosed public spaces. They’re waiting to be discovered and for their story to reach a variety of people. Continue reading

Let’s connect through True Connect*

Here I am offering True Connect at Cafe de Soleil, September 28, Monday. Writing a great love letter for this participant.
Here I am offering True Connect at Cafe de Soleil, September 28, Monday. Writing a great love letter for this participant.

Hello Everyone!

I am so pleased to invite you to join me at True Connect*

* a free community service helping you write a note to someone in your life or to your future self. Take a seat with me at a public venue. I’ll have my typewriter, note paper and envelopes, and some art supplies. I’ll be there to facilitate your note writing and help any way I can. I’ll even mail your note at the end of the day or if for your future self, I’ll post it at an agreed upon time in the future.Be sure to bring the mailing address of the intended recipient.

True Connect is a limited edition event, happening only 3 times this week.

Scheduled Dates & Locations:

Monday, September 28, 2015 10am – 12pm
Cafe du Soleil (please note: not Cafe deux Soleil), 1393 Commercial Drive (between Kitchener & Charles), Vancouver

Thursday, October 1st, 2015 12pm – 2pm
Grandview Park, on Commercial Drive (between Charles & William Street), Vancouver

Third event to be determined. Saturday or Sunday. Vancouver.

* True Connect — connection the old-fashioned way. A revolutionary idea! Who would have thunk!

Hope to see you!


Thoughtful dissemination


Dayanita Singh (an artist born and living in India) said “I think I feel at a dead end with photography in a traditional way. ” That sentiment lead her to her practice of combining photography and literature within the book format. In Defining Contemporary Art, Hans Ulrich Obrist describes her work as being “imbued with a distinct sense of intimacy and the quotidian” (428). Her photographic subjects can be as varied as individual sitters, domestic interiors, marketplaces, and large-scale urban and industrial scenes. Continue reading