Thoughtful dissemination


Dayanita Singh (an artist born and living in India) said “I think I feel at a dead end with photography in a traditional way. ” That sentiment lead her to her practice of combining photography and literature within the book format. In Defining Contemporary Art, Hans Ulrich Obrist describes her work as being “imbued with a distinct sense of intimacy and the quotidian” (428). Her photographic subjects can be as varied as individual sitters, domestic interiors, marketplaces, and large-scale urban and industrial scenes. Continue reading

Taking action with Craftivism

I’d like to share with you a craftivist project my sister Luisa recently completed. Luisa is new to craftivism. She was formally introduced to it at my first craftivism related workshop, “Stitching with Purpose,” that I delivered at Vancouver’s Mini Maker Faire in June. She had no idea what she wanted to stitch—to help with this I had brought several magazines to help participants “jog their memories”. Continue reading

Community Stitching

The workshop I delivered this past Sunday (Stitching with Purpose) at Artful Sundays in Vancouver was a great activity for community members to come together and think about a personal craftivist message and do some stitching. I was pleasantly surprised at how many people decided to give this a try considering that this is a time intensive activity. Continue reading

Craftivism: the art of craft and activism (book thoughts)

Have you ever wondered how other people globally are practicing craftivism (craft+activism)? Although you can find many examples online, you often don’t get the background behind a project or sometimes projects come to an end and the documentation is taken off-line. This is why books are so indispensable and why I really appreciate Betsy Greer’s latest book Craftivism: The Art of Craft and Activism. Continue reading